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I am have the same problem with this breeder. My puppy still sick with pneumonia. I filed a complaint the BBB in FL and with AKC as well.

On May 7th I received shipping from FL, a lilac female Miniature Shar Pei. From the moment I received the puppy she has not been healthy whatsoever. She came with only 1 paper from the vet and the only one which was the Certificate of inspection from a vet for interstate movement of dogs, cats etc….and on that paper it stated that she was too young to get vaccines, however after speaking to multiple veterinarians I was notified that at six weeks she was eligible to get her dewormed and the breeder on an email said that her first vaccines were not administered by a vet, she administered them herself as stated copied from email.

which by law and Florida law any animal under 3 months of age has to have all its shots by a licensed vet. From the first week that I had her she had two types of worms (round worm and tapeworms) that made her very ill and unhappy, in which I have pictures and receipt from vet on May 13, as proof that she did not take care of the animal. I've also noticed that her eye was tacked and I did not receive any paperwork on that either.

From the day we got her from the airport we noticed a limp in her front left leg which she still has and we have had to pay for two X-Rays to make sure that she is okay and it turned out to be an abnormality from birth we've been told, I have photos and video. This causes her extreme discomfort and she has a hard time walking freely. I have asked several times now on paper work of genetic testing of both parents ( which by law is required to be done when your breeding dogs so not to cross breed) to see if was from them. Still has not answered me on that and all I got as a reply was and her words exactly

Soon after we were notice her breathing badly and rushed her back to the vet and were told that she has pneumonia and she was admitted into an emergency vet clinic where she was incubated for about 3 days and was put on antibiotics. She is currently still on antibiotics since it was so bad and she was nearly dying when we took her to the vet. We were also told by the vet that she was most likely sick since birth which soon developed into the pneumonia. I was extremely hesitant to contact the breeder in fear that she would ask for her back and put her down

( sending her back was not an option), but this is becoming an expense that I did not expect. The weekly trips to the vet have become both emotionally unbearable and financially unforgivable. I finally contact the breeder on June 24th by email and she is not willing to cooperate with me. I have asked her for my contract and AKC papers and all I get from her are excused. This woman states she’s a breeder how ever she gave it away that she absolutely is not in the email where she states she purchased her other dogs from a breeder that has same issue. This woman is selling dogs that’s she has no knowledge on and buying them from breeders and selling them on line and then once she has them she then registers them to AKC as if she is the breeder (PUPPY MILL ) ( BACK YARD BROKER FOR BREEDERS) that’s what she is. Selling someone a sick dog like this is completely unprofessional and downright heartbreaking. Also, I have asked for any explanation as to why she is this sick or any paperwork that was maybe not sent to me. Now she is asking me for more money in order to get my AKC paperwork in which I originally paid for and never received. I have gone on line since all this has happened and found tons and tons of written up things on her from 100’s of people like myself all complaining about the dogs being sick, having deformities and her constantly changing the spelling of her name down to where she used her maiden name then changed her name of her business. This really needs to be investigated people like her should not be allowed to just go on line and register dogs that she is purchasing from other breeders as if they are hers and misleading buyers.

Product or Service Mentioned: Curio Kennel Miniature Shar Pei Dog.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Stevenson Ranch, California, United States #1184921

I had this same sort of experience with Curio Kennel 2 years ago. Thank god, my dog is now healthy and just turned 2 years old. Elizabeth is a total B**** and she will never respond to you, and will block you on all social media and puppyfinder if you try to blast her for what she's been getting away with for years.

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